Our Story

As the current industrial landscape would have it, most students are more often than not faced with the impossible task of choosing a career to follow earlier on in their lives as it will determine the doors to knock and classes to take post-high school. However, the dilemma lies in deciding on the right career path which is made more challenging by inaccessibility to the tools and resources that would give them enough if not maximum exposure to all the new and exciting careers and industries. This leads to the pursuit of wrong careers which is a drain on finances, or even time wastage by having to opt out for something else and then finally dropping out. Technology is changing fast and it is unclear if the careers they are currently pursuing will still be in demand tomorrow…

The secret lies in having the right guidance!

Noticing the major disconnect that exists between the careers that young people are most interested in and those that the economy needs, we sought to provide a solution that would help proactively manage career choices. At Career Discovery, we have developed an augmented tool that will help you discover your career from across multiple industries starting from Space. We feature interactive AR enabled 3D-printed collectible Space Explorer that represent individual industries creating a broader awareness on the diverse career opportunities that are currently available thus reducing uncertainty and increasing the chances of pursuing in demand careers.

Herein lies the beauty!

By scanning over the figurines with your phone app, you can unlock a wealth of information that spans hearing from working professionals in the collectible-specific industry today including what the job entails and what they did to get there saving you both time and money by getting the lay of the land via having a look from outside in. You can also build a profile of competencies through quizzes and challenges that are both a source of fun and designed to help you get noticed by the professionals. Our mission at Career Discovery is to empower young people by granting them access to the all the tools and resources they require to facilitate informed decisions while inspiring them to aspire for greatness.

The next time someone asks “What do you want to be when you grow up?” they better be prepared for a definitive response.


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